Effective Techniques for Playing Guitar Efficiently

guitar techniques

Playing Guitar Efficiently or increasing your picking speed can be achieved only through practice.  When you are playing guitar or any other instrument, finger memory plays a big part as these memory-motor skills are important to improve your picking speed. This is because your fingers know exactly what to do before your brain tell them to do and this can be obtained only through practice.  Once you improve your speed, you can automatically loosen up your entire playing style. With more practice, your fingers will get flexible and feel light and you are sure to gain more confidence and more freedom in playing guitar effectively.

Your fingers will glide effortlessly across the strings, and this allows you to improve your speed and increases your skills to maintain it efficiently. To improve the playing or increase the picking speed does not come easy, you may face several ups and downs, obstacles, and you may have to do hard work and must have a lot of patience to achieve the memory-motor skill.  This can be achieved only through the right process of practicing.  Practicing for many hours is not required and there is no guarantee that you can increase the picking speed if you do not practice in right method.

Every guitar player faces few major challenges that they must overcome to become a pro in playing guitar. And, every player needs to improve three major things to improve their guitar technique that include:

  • While practicing the guitar for picking speed, then use only clean guitar tone without any effects and distortion. Because effects and distortion will cover your defects in your articulation.
  • Increase the sound, play loud, so that you can hear exact notes that you are playing.
  • Do not make any changes when you are playing slow. This is because, when you change the notes like a lighter touch, or using stronger or weaker pick attack, or changing your pick angle, hand position, etc, it will slow down your guitar picking speed technique, it gets difficult for you to detect the actual trouble with your articulation.

Focused Attentiveness – Unaware of imperfection, this is the most common mistake that many guitar players make while learning the guitar as they are not completely aware of every imperfection in their playing technique.  Some of the guitar players may observe the problem, but they are not sure what mistake they are doing exactly.  This is quite obvious that you do not know how to correct a technical glitch efficiently unless you know how to correct it precisely.

This can be done in 2 ways that include:

  1. Record your guitar playing, and listen to it carefully, then you can probably recognize any excess string noise, or unclear notes, or abrasive noises between the notes, or irregularity in your speed pick, etc. This approach can help you identify the defects and helps you improve your guitar playing technique.
  2. The other thing you can do is take help from a guitar teacher so that he/she can evaluate your playing skills and tell you exactly the defects in your playing and they can help you improve your techniques. The best guitar teachers can help you improve your guitar playing skills and also help you understand the problems that you are making while playing the guitar.

Articulation: To improve your guitar playing skills or techniques, you have to completely focus on your articulation. Articulation is the synchronization of the first half of 2-hand. To play your guitar neat, then you need your hands to pick and fret each note at exactly at the same time.

Check your Hand Position:  This is a little deeper subject for learners, but some of the basic things that you should know while playing guitar. You should know your hand position; they should not bend in extreme directions. Most of the guitarists use their left hand-wrist imposing forward and elevate their right wrist when they fingerpick.

You can take help from a professional guitar player to learn these kinds of techniques to improve your guitar playing techniques effectively.


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