Learn How to Muffle Drums Like a Pro

learn how to muffle drums

A Drummer should know how to tune the drum set as it is one of the major aspects of the drum, as it also sounds great for recording sessions, live gigs, and rehearses. Ever drummer should know how to muffle a drum as muffling can help you get rid of unnecessary resonance and ring, and it does not help you mask poor tuning and bad tuning skills. It is important to learn how to practice your tuning skills as this process can help you learn how to muffle drums like a pro.

Once you practice the tuning skills, then you know precisely how to get a great sound from the drums by integrating the muffling and tuning techniques, and eventually, you can initiate your drum set for recording sessions. You can also learn how to use your drum set using some tricks and tips on how to record, mic and EQ your recording sessions.

Muffling Your Drums

Drum Muffling of a Bass Drum is more than just stuffing the drum, as you should know the exact amount of muffling  which is required to a drum to get great sound from it, which is a very difficult technique to get, and it is mandatory that each every drummer should know this technique. Generally, most drummers believe that muffling the drum can limit the sound of the drums. Though it is true to some extent, but there are several other reasons why you should muffle the drum. This process controls the resonance level on your drums and also controls the quality of specific notes.

Muffling Bass Drum

The Bass Drum is the first drum that every drummer learns to muffle; it is one the famous practice as the bass drum generally contains a lot of resonance and overtones. This bass drum produces a powerful and quick sound that is why it is necessary to muffle the drum to control the sound. But, you should be very careful while muffling the bass drum, there are more chances that you can use the wrong process to muffle the drum that is why, go easy with pillows and blankets while stuffing the drums.

You can also consider buying specific muffling products for your bass drum. You can buy different things or pads that can help control the sound and “loud Thump” sounds of your drum. Check the ones on the market that comes under your budget limit. The best is custom muffling products, which fit perfectly on the bottom of your bass drum. Also, the batter head and drum rings that fit perfectly with your bass drum are considered as the best muffling products for a bass drum.

If you are looking for low-cost options, then don’t worry, there are several other options that offer similar results. The main purpose of muffling the drum is to control the flow of the air in the shell. But, if you fill the drum with plenty of stuff like pillows and blankets, then the air flow will completely cut off, and the drum does not produce any sound. The best way to get great sound is put the exact amount of muffling in the drum and get optimum sound. Just keep one blanket or a pillow and rest the bottom of the drum there. By adjusting the pillow around you can control the right.

Muffling Snare Drum and Toms

The Snare Drum and Toms’ concept of muffling are similar to bass drum but the process is completely different. It is not advisable to keep a blanket or pillow inside the drum instead use drum gum, this product is the best for muffling as it controls the sound of the drums. Drum Gum is a gel that sticks the head of a drum to control overtones and resonance. A small patch of this drum gum can be placed anywhere on the drum head, but not on where you hit the drum, and you can clearly notice the difference instantly.

Drum Rings

Drum Rings are another product that helps you muffle the drum like a pro. The one inch thick rings fits perfects around the head of the drum. These Drum Rings are very affordable and works perfectly in controlling the resonance of a drum. These rings are available in all sizes and they will not hinder your playing.

These are some of the best muffling processes that produce the great sound of your drum set.  But, remember not all the drums required muffling, only some drums require it, so know which ones exactly need muffling and learn how to muffle your drum like a pro to produce a melodious sound.

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