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Recently, SolarMovie-TV – the watch movies free service has been released officially. It’s expected to be the most famous and popular movie streaming site on the Internet. Maybe you have not heard of it but this article would introduce this website to you.

SolarMovie-TV is a streaming movie service based on the US, we are quite popular in the U.S and several other countries. With high quality clips and you can stream all of them on multiple devices such as laptop, smartphones, tablet to Smart TV and game console (in near future).

How can you watch movies?

Well, as mentioned above, you can use app on iStore and Google Play store to stream movies and video clips:

  • Directly on our website SolarMovie-TV
  • On smartphone via app
  • Android TV
  • Apple TV
  • Supported Smart TV
  • Game console (such as Play Station, Xbox – upcoming service)
  • Chromecast


We do have English subtitle in the CC format (Closed Captioning) for all of the movies and specific subtitles in other languages based on the region.

Movies are divided based on series, non-series, TV shows, documentary, scientific movies, Oscar-nominated movies, classical movies and movies on theater. Most of the movies are made in the USA and several others from Hongkong, Korea, India, Japan and Thai…etc. You can watch at any time you want on many different systems. Our content are free for all guests and registed members.

You do not have to register to start watching movies with a price of 0. You don’t have to have a decent device to watch because we are on most of available devices.

User interaction

If you want to be a critic, Solar is a great place for you to present your throught on movies and discuss with others. That’s what makes watching movies so rewarding, isn’t it? There is nothing better than spewing our thoughts and feelings of the movies we have just seen to others, even if you are not a professional critic.

It is a convenient and frugal place to see movies you love right from your beloved couch or bed. All you need to be next to is some more popcorn and a bottle of wine and then call it a night, even a wonderful night. There are plenty of websites to watch free movies or stream and download but Solar provides you the best connection, bandwidth and updated movies that are on theater right now. We have the largest library of movies, safe for your devices and personal information, and are legal for you to watch. If you do not want to watch on a giant laptop, we have already let you know that we have app so you can access our free movies on your mobile device.

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