7 Reverb Mixing Tricks

The guitar increases the taste of the mix and turns it into an appealing track. Usually, people think that guitar generates a few selected sounds and effects depending on what type of guitar you are using. Some use acoustic guitar and some prefer the electric guitar, but there is a wide range of effects you can generate by using your guitar. Delay has got good response from the music lovers, but today we are discussing the best reverb mixing tricks. Yes, you will require the best reverb pedal to get desired reverb sound, but below given 7 tricks will make it a lot simpler for you. So, check 7 reverb mixing tricks and implement them in your mix.

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Effective Techniques for Playing Guitar Efficiently

guitar techniques

Playing Guitar Efficiently or increasing your picking speed can be achieved only through practice.  When you are playing guitar or any other instrument, finger memory plays a big part as these memory-motor skills are important to improve your picking speed. This is because your fingers know exactly what to do before your brain tell them to do and this can be obtained only through practice.  Once you improve your speed, you can automatically loosen up your entire playing style. With more practice, your fingers will get flexible and feel light and you are sure to gain more confidence and more freedom in playing guitar effectively. Continue reading “Effective Techniques for Playing Guitar Efficiently” »